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Pool Cosby is a sample-based electronic trio from New York City. Made up of producers Jacuzzi Jefferson, Kevin Kuh, and Otto Botté, the group strives to combine their diverse musical and cultural backgrounds to explore new sounds. 


The members of Pool Cosby have earned multi-platinum and gold plaques as well as a Grammy nomination through their work behind the boards. Their extensive list of engineering and performance credits include Paul Simon, 50 Cent, and Enrique Iglesias. 


Since forming in 2012, Pool Cosby has worked with a wide range of collaborators from Raekwon of Wu-Tan Clan to Adrianne Lenker of Big Thief. Their new 12-track LP builds on the production styles of their 2017 release, Blind Gold. With their blend of jazz, hip-hop, pop, and live orchestration, Pool Cosby continues to push the envelope and expand their sound. 

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